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“One of The Best College Apps for iPhone and iPad”

All College Application Essays is the one-stop mobile app to help students collect and organize their college application essays.

Available on iPhone, iPad, and all Google/Android devices.

March 31, 2014.  See our newest Huff Post Blog on the March Madness of College AdmissionNote: The 2014-2015 Common Application Essay Prompts To Remain The Same as 2013-2014.  

The Daily Examiner describes the need for our application in “What the Common App won’t tell you or 10 reasons you need to do your research.” Our recent IECA webinar on Better Essays/Less Stress: Streamlining Your College Essay Experience is now available on the IECA website.

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Manage Your College Application Essay Process!

All College Application Essays Mobile APP includes:

  • Daily Updates for 2013-2014  and 2014-2015 Application Years
  • Available on Apple and Google/Android Devices
  • Specific Essays Required by 700+ Colleges
  • Interview & Recommendation Policies
  • Essay Lengths
  • Submission Formats
  • Due Dates & Required Fees


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  • Links to College Websites
  • Tips for Admissions Process
  • Email Capabilities

The All College Application Essays App helps students plan and organize the college application process:

  • How can I write the fewest, most powerful essays?
  • How can I manage my application submission strategy and workload based on due dates?
  • How many schools on my planned college list require the Common App? The Universal App? Their own entire Apps? Supplemental Apps?
You must be on wireless or 3G/4G for the app to work. PLEASE HIT THE GET UPDATE BUTTON EACH TIME IT APPEARS AS WE UPDATE DAILY. First time users-Please hit Get Update. It will take a while to upload all the new data.



“I really love the app (ALL COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAYS) and use it as a go-to for a lot of different things. I notice it’s available through the Google Play store now (I’m an Android AND an Apple user — go figure!)

I took a screen shot of the Middlebury app and sent it to my colleague in Westchester NY and she bought the app, too. I also introduced it to our local public high school college programs coordinator.” —Janis Allen

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