Fall 2024 (Class of 2028) Tufts Writing Prompts

Fall 2024 (Class of 2028) Tufts Writing Prompts

Tufts replaced one of its long 250 word essays and created a new, shorter why Tufts.

We are updating our app as new information comes out, including prompts, testing requirements, and more.

Applicants to the School of Arts & Sciences or the School of Engineering:

Please respond to one of the following three prompts in 200-250 words:

  • It’s cool to love learning. What excites your intellectual curiosity?
  • How have the environments or experiences of your upbringing – your family, home, neighborhood, or community – shaped the person you are today?
  • Using a specific example or two, tell us about a way that you contributed to building a collaborative and/or inclusive community.

Applicants to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) at Tufts:

Please respond to the following prompt in 200-250 words:

  • Art has the power to disrupt our preconceptions, shape public discourse, and imagine new ways of being in the world. What are the ideas you’d like to explore in your work?

In addition, we will ask all applicants to complete this sentence in 100 words or less:

“I am applying to Tufts because…”


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