For the past two application seasons I have used your All College Application Essay app, nearly every day and often several times a day. That app is a total lifesaver for me as an IEC with many seniors applying to colleges in all directions. The email function was invaluable to me this year as I […]

Your essay application is fantastic.  I immediately bought it when you mentioned it at your presentation at NACAC last year and think it’s one of the most amazing tools for my students and for me when working with students.  It’s just the best!           – Ellen / Independent Educational Consultant

Kristina L. Dooley in her Dooley Noted column praised All College Application Essays as the top of four great apps “to know before you go” to college. http://estrelaconsulting.blogspot.com/2013/04/college-connections-apps-to-know-before.html

“All College Application Essays is an invaluable resource. I recommend it to my colleagues, student and anyone looking forward to the college admissions process. Each college’s essays and requirements are all in one place, and accessible no matter where I am. It is one of the apps that I use most often professionally.” –Wendie Lubic  […]

“Thanks so much. I love your website and your iPhone App: All College Application Essays. I was sitting in a session at NACAC in Denver and a woman showed me the app. I immediately put it on my phone, and it’s the best….” –Cyndi Niendorf / Certified College Counselor

“I really love the app (ALL COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAYS) and use it as a go-to for a lot of different things. I notice it’s available through the Google Play store now (I’m an Android AND an Apple user — go figure!) I took a screen shot of the Middlebury app and sent it to my […]