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We cover the application requirements for more than 900 colleges. We include:

  • all the major public and private colleges in all 50 states and Canada
  • every college using the Common, Coalition, Cappex, or Universal Application

You can search the app-website by name of the college and you can save or email information for each college.

We provide all the core application requirements for our colleges including:

  • Location and Student Enrollment
  • Application Deadlines and Fees
  • Interview, Testing, and Recommendation Requirements
  • Which Type of Application The College Accepts
We provide all the required and optional essays for each college on our list. We provide:

  • the specific essay prompts for all required, major-specific, and optional essays
  • the required format and length options for each essay
  • the submission formats

We also offer

  • merit scholarship essays
  • honors college essays
  • essays for artistic supplements
We make using and the sharing the data on our app incredibly easy.

  • You can save colleges in your favorite list
  • You can email college information
  • You can paste data into Google and word files.

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*All college information is updated and maintained regularly as new information is available.

We also provide tips for helping students prepare for college including;

  • Preparing powerful college application resumes
  • Brainstorming great personal statement topics
  • Writing powerful college application essays