Tufts Pilots Test Optional Policy

Tufts On March 24 Announces a 3 Year Test-Optional Policy

Starting next year, both first year and transfer applicants have the option of applying test-optional to Tufts for the next three years. After that time, Tufts will decide which permanent path to follow. The admissions office states that “While the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on SAT and ACT testing opportunities contributed to the urgency of this policy, this decision aligns with our ongoing efforts to critically examine our policies, and to promote maximum access to a Tufts education to high-achieving students of all backgrounds and identities from across the country and around the world.”

Applicants can still have their scores considered, as the admissions office wrote, “If applicants would like us to consider their exam results as one component of their candidacy, we will do so in a nuanced and contextual way.” Test optional applicants will have their candidacy evaluated “in a nuanced and contextual way without scores,” Tufts explains, adding”Our holistic, committee-based approach to application review provides us with the flexibility to evaluate academic and extracurricular accomplishments within a student’s individual context.


Applicants whose first language is not their primary language and whose language of instruction is not English must submit results of an English-language proficiency exam. This requirement can be completed via TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and Duolingo. Additional information about this requirement can be found here.

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