Fall 2017 Ready to Go: Updating Hourly

Fall 2017 Ready to Go: Updating HourlyACAE LogoStackedNew

We are keeping the site updated with all the new platforms, new essays, and current programs. Below we will list the applications we have updated as they are released. Note, we are not updating a college’s essay(s) until the college posts 2017 or 2016-2017 or class of 2021 in front of it. We don’t want students doing last year’s essays by mistake. 

We will be ready to go through The Common Application as quickly as possible on Monday. We have updated all Universal and Coalition schools along with dozens of universities with their own applications.

We are also updating all testing, interview, and recommendation requirements along with Honors Programs and Major Scholarships. We will the class of 2017 the very best.

2017 ACAE as of August 2, 12:18 a.m. PST.

2017 ACAE

  1. Aberystwyth University
  2. Abilene Christian (Own App
  3. Academy of Art University (Own App)
  4. Adams State (Own App)
  5. Agnes Scott (Common)
  6. Amherst College (Common, Coalition, and Questbridge)
  7. American University (Common and Coalition)
  8. Asbury College (Own App)
  9. Aurora College (Own App)
  10. Babson (Common)
  11. Bard (Common)
  12. Barnard College (Common)
  13. Bates (Common)
  14. Baylor (Common and Own)
  15. Beacon (Own)
  16. Bemidji (Own)
  17. Bentley (Common)
  18. Boise State University (Own App)
  19. Boston College (Common)
  20. Bowling Green (Own and Common)
  21. Brandeis University (Common)
  22. Brown University (Common)
  23. Bryn Mawr (Common)
  24. Bucknell (Common)
  25. California Institute of Technology (Common)
  26. Cal Lutheran (Common)
  27. Calvin College (Own)
  28. Carleton College (Coalition)
  29. Central Michigan (Own)
  30. Central Washington (Own)
  31. Claremont McKenna (Own)
  32. Coastal Carolina University (Own)
  33. Coker (Own)
  34. Colby College (Common)
  35. Colby-Sawyer (Common)
  36. Colgate University (Common and Coalition)
  37. College of Charleston (Own and Honors)
  38. Columbia University (Common)
  39. Cornell University (Common and Universal)
  40. Dartmouth (Freshman Common and Coalition)
  41. Dickinson (Common)
  42. Dillard (Own)
  43. Duke University (Common and Coalition)
  44. Duquesne University (Own)
  45. East Stroudsburg University (PA State System)
  46. Eastern University (Own)
  47. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Own, Both Campuses)
  48. Endicott (Own)
  49. Fontbonne (Own)
  50. Franklin & Marshall (Common)
  51. Gardner-Webb (Own)
  52. Georgetown University Own Application
  53. Georgia College  (Own)
  54. Georgia Tech (Common)
  55. Gettysburg (Common)
  56. Gordon College (Own)
  57. Grace College and Seminary (Own)
  58. Grambling State (Own)
  59. Grove City (Own)
  60. Hampshire College (Common)
  61. Haverford (Common)
  62. Harvard (Common and Universal)
  63. Harvey Mudd (Common)
  64. Huntington University (Own)
  65. Indiana University Bloomington (Common and Coalition)
  66. Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Own App)
  67. Iowa State (Own)
  68. Johns Hopkins (Common)
  69. Kansas State (Own and Honors)
  70. Kenyon (Common
  71. Landmark (Universal)
  72. Lehigh (Common)
  73. Lipscomb University (Own)
  74. Lafayette (Common)
  75. Longwood (Own)
  76. Loras (Own)
  77. Louisiana State (Own and Honors)
  78. Loyola Marymount University (Common)
  79. Lynchburg State (Own)
  80. Macalester (Common)
  81. Michigan Technical University (Own App)
  82. Middlebury (Common)
  83. Milwaukee School of Engineering (MOSE) (Universal)
  84. Missouri University of Science and Technology(Own App)
  85. Montana State (Own App)
  86. Mount Mary College (Own App)
  87. Nazareth College (Universal)
  88. Nebraska Wesleyan (Own App)
  89. New York University (Common)
  90. Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) (Own Application)
  91. Northeastern (Common and Coalition)
  92. Northwestern University (Common)
  93. Norwich University (Own App)
  94. Occidental (Common App)
  95. Oklahoma State University (Own Application)
  96. Penn State (Schreyer Honors College)
  97. Pepperdine University (Common)
  98. Pitzer (Common)
  99. Point Park (Own App)
  100. Pomona College (Common-Freshman only, Not Coalition or Transfer)
  101. Pratt Institute (Own App)
  102. Reed (Common)
  103. Rockhurst University (Own App)
  104. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Own App)
  105. Santa Fe University of Art and Design (Own App)
  106. Sarah Lawrence (Common)
  107. Scripps (Common)
  108. Shorter University (Own App)
  109. Skidmore (Common)
  110. Southern Methodist (Common)
  111. Stanford (Common)
  112. Swarthmore (Common and Coalition)
  113. The Citadel (Own App)
  114. Tufts (Common and Coalition)
  115. Tuskegee (Own)
  116. Tusculum (Own)
  117. University of Alabama (Own)
  118. University of Arizona (Own and Honors, Not Yet SALT)
  119. University of Arkansas
  120. University of California (all nine campuses)
  121. University of Chicago (Common, Coalition, and Universal) (includes new Prompt #5)
  122. University of Edinburgh
  123. University of Florida (Coalition Exclusive)
  124. University of Kansas (Own App Including Honors)
  125. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Common)
  126. University of Michigan-Dearborn
  127. University of Minnesota (Own Application, Coalition coming)
  128. University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)
  129. University of Missouri (Own App)
  130. University of Montana (Own)
  131. University of Montevallo (Own)
  132. University of Nevada, Reno (Own)
  133. University of New Mexico (Own)
  134. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC) (Common and Coalition)
  135. University of North Dakota (Own)
  136. University of Notre Dame (Common and Coalition)
  137. University of Pennsylvania (Common and Coalition)
  138. University of Pittsburgh (Own and Coalition)
  139. University of Richmond (Common)
  140. University of Roanoake (Own Application, Waiting For Common)
  141. University of Saint Andrews (Common)
  142. University of South Carolina (Own App, Not Yet Honors)
  143. University of South Dakota (Own App)
  144. University of South Florida (Own App)
  145. University of Southern California (Common)
  146. University of Texas-all campuses
  147. University of the Arts (Own App)
  148. University of Utah (Own App)
  149. University of Washington (Seattle) (Coaltion with UW other essay requirements) (Need to add transfers)
  150. Vassar College (Common
  151. Vanderbilt (Coalition)
  152. Villanova University (Common-Freshman Only)
  153. Virginia Polytechnic Institution and State University (Virginia Tech) (Own App and Coalition)
  154. Virginia Wesleyan (Own App)
  155. Wake Forest (Own App, Not Common or Coalition Yet or Presidential)
  156. Warren Wilson, (Common)
  157. Washington University (Common plus all merit scholarships)
  158. Wesleyan College (Own App)
  159. Western Washington State (Own App)
  160. Wheaton College (Illinois) (Own App)
  161. Widener College (Own App)
  162. William Woods (Own App)
  163. Williams (Common and Coalition)
  164. Wright State (Own)
  165. Yeshiva University (Own App)

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Dr. Rebecca Joseph is the developer of this unique integrated website and mobile application that provides all college application requirements for more than 750 major universities in the US and Canada. She has a PhD from UCLA and is a national expert on writing powerful college application essays.

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