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For the past two application seasons I have used your All College Application Essay app, nearly every day and often several times a day. That app is a total lifesaver for me as an IEC with many seniors applying to colleges in all directions. The email function was invaluable to […]

Kristina L. Dooley in her Dooley Noted column praised All College Application Essays as the top of four great apps “to know before you go” to college. http://estrelaconsulting.blogspot.com/2013/04/college-connections-apps-to-know-before.html

“All College Application Essays is an invaluable resource. I recommend it to my colleagues, student and anyone looking forward to the college admissions process. Each college’s essays and requirements are all in one place, and accessible no matter where I am. It is one of the apps that I use […]

“Thanks so much. I love your website and your iPhone App: All College Application Essays. I was sitting in a session at NACAC in Denver and a woman showed me the app. I immediately put it on my phone, and it’s the best….” –Cyndi Niendorf / Certified College Counselor

“I really love the app (ALL COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAYS) and use it as a go-to for a lot of different things. I notice it’s available through the Google Play store now (I’m an Android AND an Apple user — go figure!) I took a screen shot of the Middlebury app […]