Minnesota Colleges Develop New Part Ones to Their Applications

Minnesota Colleges Develop New Part Ones

In these stormy times, many colleges cannot yet access the submitted Common Applications, so they have developed independent part ones, so they can at least learn about applicants. Several private colleges in Minnesota are clever and each has developed a new part one: Macalaster, Carleton, and St. Olaf.

Here is what St. Olaf said on its website:

Our Part One is now available (and the 2014 Common Application is live). Get started with either one, but be sure to proofread before you click submit!

***IMPORTANT COMMON APPLICATION NOTE: For the 2013-2014 admissions cycle, the common application is developing and launching a new system. St. Olaf cannot currently download submitted applications. The current estimate is that we will see data on October 15, 2013. We’re trying to be patient, too — but bear with us! In the meantime, feel free to complete the Part One to ensure that you have officially begun the process at St. Olaf College.***


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