Powerful Deferral Update Letters or Emails

Powerful Deferral Update Letters or Emails:

If you were deferred from your top choice college, it is not over. You can write a powerful letter or email to your admissions representative about your first semester and all other noteworthy news of your accomplishments since you submitted your application last fall.

In this piece:

1. Include your ongoing interest in the school. Mention any new contacts with the school, alumni, or current students. If you have visited since your application mention that as well.

2. Highlight your academic accomplishments from first semester, including a core paper or project you loved and did extremely well on.

3. Describe any new activities or accomplishments within existing activities.

4. Connect your accomplishments to programs and activities at the college that you would like to pursue.

4. Remind them of your ongoing passion for the college and remind them of something key about you from your initial application.

5. Conclude with how you are so grateful that they are still considering you and that you are still viewing this college as your one and only choice.

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