August 27, 2013 Update: We Are So Almost Done

August 27, 2013 Update: We have made it through the entire Common App & all major public and private universities. We provide every essay prompt, format, and length.

1.  Check the top of each essay/supplement page for 2014 essay/application status. There are only 20 or so CA4 supps left to post and and a few other universities posting in September-October.

2. Scroll down each section as there is lots of info per page and section.

Screenshot3. Hit “Get Updates” each time you open the app as we are updating the app daily.

4. Check our website: for different tips about helping students write powerful college app essays and more tips about using the app.

About Rebecca

Dr. Rebecca Joseph is the developer of this unique integrated website and mobile application that provides all college application requirements for more than 1,1100 major universities in the US and Canada. She has a PhD from UCLA and is a national expert on writing powerful college application essays.

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