2014 University of Puget Sound Writing Supplement

puget sound2013-2014 University of Puget Sound Writing Supplement 

No essays for regular applicants.

1. Lillis Scholarship-Upload Each Separately 

Lllis Scholarship Application Question 1

A primary objective of the Lillis Scholarship is to encourage intellectual independence. To illustrate your own intellectual independence and ability to integrate it into your life, please provide the selection committee with an original 500-word essay in which you respond to the following prompt:

Describe an intellectual idea that has transformed your thinking.

Lillis Scholarship Application Question 2

2. Matelich Scholarship Application Question. Upload.

3. Honors Program

1. Honors Program Application Essay 1, 300 words, Paste in.

If you could add one book to the Honors Program Reading List, which would you choose, and why? In what ways have you found this book intellectually engaging and meaningful? Please refer to the Honors Program website (www.pugetsound.edu/honors) to view the reading list. (300 words)

2. Honors Program Application Essay 2, 200 words. Paste in.

Briefly tell us what special interests, perspectives, and experiences you would bring to your Honors cohort. (200 words)

3. Honors Program Application Essay 3 (optional). Upload.

4, Business Leadership Program

1. Business Leadership Program, Application Question 1

What interests you about the Business Leadership Program? How might this program affect your short-term and long-term academic and career goals? (100-200 words, Paste in)

2. Business Leadership Program Application Question 2

Describe your most significant leadership experience or your role as an exemplary follower in a school or extracurricular activity. (100-200 words, Paste in)

3. Business Leadership Program Application Question 3

Discuss your academic strengths and relative weaknesses. (100-200 words, Paste in)

4. Business Leadership Program Application Question 4

Summarize the most interesting or challenging courses you have taken in high school. Why were these courses challenging or interesting? (50-100 words, Paste in)

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