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We offer many wonderful ways to purchase our data. We provide access to your first college for free so you can try us out with no monetary outlay.

Website as initial access: You first need to create an account to use our website. Once you have an account, you can use our mobile version as well. Please download it from iTunes or Google.

Mobile App as initial access: You can download our app for free from either iTunes or Google. Once you sign in, you can try out your one free college and/or purchase your options and then have access to our website version as well.

Our specific packages include:

1. Individual Unlimited

For one low annual fee of $49.99, you can have access to every part of our site for one year from purchase. You just need to register and you can access your data from both your website and mobile device. You can email and save as many colleges as you want. We provide individual discounts for WACAC, HECA, and IECA members. As of August 1, 2019, we will be raising our unlimited price to $69.99. We are adding more and more information to each college each year.

2. 10 colleges

For the low price of $19.99, you can buy access to 10 colleges. You cannot delete colleges once you purchase them. You can update to unlimited at any time during the year of your purchase, and we will deduct the price of the first 10 colleges from your unlimited price. You can also add another 10 colleges at any time.

3. For the even lower price of $9.99, you can buy access to 5 colleges.

We do not offer any refunds once you decide to make a purchase.

4. Multiple Users Unlimited

You can buy as many copies of our site. Please see our bulk offerings menu. If want more to purchase than 100 users, please contact us.


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