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The University of Richmond’s on June 14 released its  2013-2014 Writing Supplement and Tips For Writing It. We copy directly from its Admissions Blog– Tom Nicholas, Senior Assistant Director of Admission, writes:  “In light of these new (Common Application) questions – all of which, directly or indirectly, get at the same […]

2013-2014 University of Richmond Writing Supplement Plus Blog Tips

UVA Freshmen 2013-2014 Application Essay Questions  This is what UVA just released as their two required supplemental questions options along with their intriguing introduction. “Students love hearing about our favorite essays and after I rattle off a few examples or quotes, they inevitably what to know about how we […]

2013-2014 University of Virginia Writing Supplement

Every year, the University of Chicago asks applicants to write an additional long essay. Their prompts are some of the most creative around. They can often spark a great essay that applicants can use somewhere else or that even can become their common application long essays. Here is the full […]

2013-2014 University of Chicago Writing Supplement-#CA4 Version

Last Saturday, Dr. Joseph and Juan Chavez, a first gen freshman at UC Riverside, shared strategies at East Side Stories at Roosevelt High School in east LA about helping teachers and college access advocates embed college application and scholarship essay writing strategies into their high school English classes. These autobiographical […]

Application Essays As Powerful Counter-Narratives