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August 5, 2018 The Common Application is open. It’s very similar to last year with just a few basic information tweaks. The Fall 2019 UC Application is open. It’s the same as last year. The Fall 2019 University of Texas Austin application is open with one new short answer. Oh […]

August 5 Fall 2019 Released Essays

University of Richmond, Johns Hopkins, and Other Updates Schools are beginning to release their essays and applications. I only update if I can actually see the updates on their applications or websites with the correct date. University of Richmond Here is one of University of Richmond’s new essays– (2) How […]

University of Richmond, JHU, and other Updates

The University of Richmond’s on June 14 released its  2013-2014 Writing Supplement and Tips For Writing It. We copy directly from its Admissions Blog– Tom Nicholas, Senior Assistant Director of Admission, writes:  “In light of these new (Common Application) questions – all of which, directly or indirectly, get at the same […]

2013-2014 University of Richmond Writing Supplement Plus Blog Tips